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Quotes I picked up my baby bluefront amazon yesterday and he has setled in so well. I have named him Cabo, but he was known before as Buddy. He eats well and is very friendly, even the kids can pet on him and he doesn't mind at all. He is already starting to mumble words and I couldn't be happier. If you are looking for a well adjusted, friendly bird then I would definitely recommend featheredfamilyfriends. Sheree Quotes

Quotes I got a lovebird pair. They are very beautiful and healthy. The breeder is always available to answer any question I might have. Quotes

Quotes I love my baby greencheek conure! She is so fun and has a great personality! She already lets me hold her in my hand while she lays on her back! She is very healthy and very sweet. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and would recommend these birds to anyone looking for a new addition to your family! Thank you!!! Quotes

Quotes I just got the baby cinnamon green cheek and I couldn't be happier! She loves nothing more than cuddling and playing with us. In fact, the first night we had the baby she hopped between me and my friend's heads for ten minutes nonstop! Haha, Indeed a fearless baby who gets along with everyone. :) She is the life of the family now. Thank you so much! Quotes
Very happy mommy

Quotes My brother and I got two quaker babies and we love them so much! They are the sweetest things, I couldn't be happier. Jabby is my baby, and Naga is super sweet as well(: Thanks! Quotes

Quotes we love them so much they are my kides. when we got back they were good babys an they are friendly thinx u Quotes
ced and lisa
baby sun conure parrots

Quotes I bought a beautiful baby sun conure. He was very healthy and friendly. they did a great job handfeeding and socializing him. wonderful baby. we just love him. Would recommend them to anyone for looking for birds. they do a great job. will buy again from them. thanks so much. Quotes
Satisfied mom

Quotes I got my green cheek conure and he is my love. He loves on me all the time. Giving me kisses and he also preens my hair. He loves to be kissed and he is as smart as a whip. He is a wonderful bird. I wouldn't trade him for anything. His name is Kimchi!!! LOL!! I got the name from CHOWDER!! If you have kids you will know. LOL!! See you later!! Quotes

Quotes I'm in love with my new baby sun conure! I decident to name her Honey, she?s such a beauty! She gives plenty of sweet kisses! Allecia is a great breeder!!! She has been extremely helpful and the birdy was shipped in perfect condition! Quotes

Quotes I got Jessa, my Lutino cockatiel & have been soo pleased with her. She is so well mannered, sociable, and happy as can be..She is so sweet and the most wonderful bird i have ever had! thanks so much for my new addition to my family:) Quotes
Birdie lover