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Quotes i bought Ricky my blue and gold macaw over a year ago and i cannot believe how well mannered he is. He is very sociable, doesn't scream unless he proctecting my house, and he is the love of my life! i couldn't imagine my life with out him, he even gets along with my 18 month old and my 2 big dogs! (he is just the funniest) Quotes
Proud Macaw Mama

Quotes I got a baby cockatiel last year and he is as sweet as can be! Loves attention and absolutely loves to sing, espesially when I tell him he's a pretty bird! He's been a great addition to the family! Thanks!! Quotes

Quotes i got a cockatiel years ago...and have been very happy with him....goofy is a great friend even if i have to fight to eat my dinner without his help! Quotes

Quotes I loved my new baby greencheek, he is a real sweetheart. He steps right up and never nibbles. He will give kisses and loves to preen my hair. Thank you so much for the new addition to my family and my kids love him! We will definitely come back for another. Quotes
Happy Customer
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