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Breeder with over 10 years experience bringing you well socialized, happy feathered friends for the whole family to enjoy.

Years of experience in handfeeding & socializing to bring you a happy feathered family friend for life.

All of my babies are handfed & socialized with children daily. They get one on one attention daily as well as vitamin supplements and exposure to a variety of foods as they begin eating on their own.

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***Feb 18th, 2017 Update***

Click on FOR SALE above for detailed pictures of birds listed below.

Ready to Go Now - All will be trained to use waterbottles & are vitamin supplemented.

*****Greencheek Conure Parrots*****

1 Normal $165

Pairs on eggs. More babies coming spring/summer.


****Quaker Parrots****

Pairs on eggs, lots of babies coming spring/summer of all different colors.
Prices will be as follows. Will consider less on feathered, started babies on 1-2 hand feedings.
Green $175 ea
Pallid aka Cinnamon $250 females or $300 male
Blue $325
Ice Blue aka Pallid Blue aka Cinnamon Blue $400 female or $450 male
Solid Yellow $500
Solid White(Yellow + Blue) $600

Handfed babies are not usually sexed unless I am planning to pair and breed them.
Pallids are the exception and price includes sexing. Otherwise DNA sexing will be $25 more.
Click on  PUPPIES for information on my available puppies.
Payment Plans can be arranged with a minimum deposit of $50.
To RESERVE a pet, a deposit is required. This depends on total price of pet and, usually it is $25 minimum.

This ensures your choice and the baby will not be offered for sale to anyone else. Since we hold the pet specifically for you and consider it "sold", all deposits are non-refundable. Should you change your mind or decide on a different pet, your deposit can be transferred.


Please click on one of the Deposit Links

in the right bar(or under "Products" to place a deposit on a baby,

please include your phone number and the color & sex you want at Check Out.


Web page is updated on a regular basis &

any bird pictured(on FOR SALE PAGE) is available.


Deposit prices to reserve are:

$25 for a Cockatiel/Lovebird

$50 for a Conure/Small Parrot or Sugar Glider

$50 for Siberian Husky or Great Dane puppy



Click on "For Sale" to see pictures of all the baby birds for sale.


For any questions or to inquiry about available birds or puppies,

PLEASE call/text, click Contact Us, or use the email below.


Email - [email protected]



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