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A little history about Feathered Family Friends & how it all started.


  It was one of those nice sunny days in South Georgia. Clear skies and low humidity. I was a child, no more than 13 yrs old and like all children on sunny days, playing outside, enjoying the reprieve from Georgia heat.

 Soon my Dad arrives at home and to my surprise with him comes a medium sized cage and a bright yellow bird!

 It was my 1st bird. Named Sunny for his coloration, he was a gorgeous Lutino Male Cockatiel.

 I absolutely adored him, however at first he didn't seem to share my opinions and every time I tried to hold him he would jump right off and run away.

As a child I didn't realize he was scared of me, even at my age I was at least 20 times bigger than him! If I were a bird I'd be frightened too!

But I had patience and determination, I was going to earn this birds trust and it took several weeks but he finally got the picture and we became best of friends. He'd whistle to me and tell me how he was such  a pretty boy. He had quite the ego.

He taught me lessons in responsibility and caring for a bird. Shortly after he passed away my interest in birds grew and I researched the different kinds available.

Then I moved to Valdosta, GA and I met a breeder that lived no more than 5 miles from my home and she taught  me all about breeding and hand feeding. She had health problems and I enjoyed helping her and learning. Soon after she let me take the older baby birds home and finish handfeeding them. What a sight I was with 10 baby birds in my bedroom! Squeaking when they knew it was time to eat and boy could they tell time.


 Since that day I have settled in a lovely little country town..

I have 2 acres of land, the birds have a building entirely to themselves, plus a screened in carport so they can enjoy the sunshine when the temperatures are good.

All of my babies are handfed from 2 weeks old and given a lot of one on one tender loving care to ensure a friendly bird that any family can enjoy.

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