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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reserve a baby bird or puppy?

 Deposits are required to hold any baby bird or puppy that is not able to be picked up for a week or more. Deposits are preferred through Paypal because it is received immediately and is the fastest way to ensure you get the pet you want! They can also be sent by mail, using a check or money order(pet will be held until it has cleared my bank, this is usually around 7 days but can be up to 21 days for out of state.


 Will I be guaranteed a bird or puppy after a deposit is placed?

 Yes, a baby bird or puppy of your choice is guaranteed once a deposit is place.


 What if a buyer changes their mind?

 Deposits are considered non-refundable. If a buyer should change their mind, they are welcome to post-pone and get a future baby bird or puppy. Deposits can be transferred to another pet of your choice only. Deposits are not lost, even if you wait a year.  They could be reduced in the case that I have additional expenses due to holding the pet for you(such as Puppy Shots or Flea Meds) or if I have to reduce the price to sell due to the age of the pet. If for any reason you can't get the pet you picked out and placed a deposit on, you should notify me as soon as possible to maximize your future credit.


After a deposit is placed, will I get updates on my baby bird or puppy?

 Yes, pictures will be sent on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. And as soon as the baby is close to being weaned, you will know. I am always happy to send extra pictures so feel free to text me anytime for new pictures 334-435-4881. I am a busy person spending a lot of time with my critters and children but am always happy to please my customers!


How does shipping work?

 Shipping can be more comfortable than a really long drive and sometimes much easier on us. Pets do think of a cage as their home and a carrier is very similar to a cage. I can usually ship Collect with Delta, this means you will be able to pay for shipping at the airport when you pick up. Sometimes this is not possible with weekend or later flights, however, you can prearrange payment with a Credit Card in these cases to cover shipping. Delta will need your credit card information & you will need to call them, I can provide any numbers you need.

Birds are shipped in plastic or wooden carriers similar to a cat carrier. The bird is given very adequate ventilation as well as fresh fruits, millet spray, and snacks for the trip. Typical cost for carrier is $15-$30, sometimes included with the price on a more expensive parrot. Average shipping cost is around $165 through Delta. This is the same price for 1 bird or a few, since cost goes by carrier size.

Puppies are shipped in airline approved carriers, usually a small or medium is adequate for a puppy, these are $30-$50 depending on which size. A Health Certificate is required, this is included in the price of a puppy but payment for 2nd set of shots maybe be required if the puppy is 9 weeks before shipping. The puppy has to be at least 8 weeks to ship. Shipping through Delta runs around $375-$450. I do not ship many puppies because of this but I have done it a few times without any issues at all. I have talked at length with Delta Reps in Atlanta(main city almost every flight goes through) and they have always done a wonderful job and updated me immediately when I called asking how my puppy was doing.

All airports now have temperature controlled shipping areas and holds so the bird & puppy is not subject to weather extremities or other stressful situations. Tracking updates are also available online that are similar to that of a USPS package so you will know exactly where & when your pet arrives or departs each flight. I have never had any delays. I have had Delta place pets on earlier flights so they had less wait in Atlanta and notify both me and the buyer of new arrival times(they are able to hold the pet if buyer isn't able to get there earlier).

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