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Breeder with over 10 years experience bringing you well socialized, happy feathered friends for the whole family to enjoy.

Young Handfed Sun Conures - Sweet & very tame $350ea

Young Hand fed Green cheek Conure Parrots - $175-$250

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there are a lot and it takes time to load them all.
Thanks for your patience!
 Above left to right is a Cinnamon, Yellowside(not high red factor), & Normal.
 Cinnamon in left picture, and Cinnamon & a Normal in the right picture.
Below on bottom is the Yellowside.
 Below is a 24x16 cage I usually sell for $50 with food and some supplies.
I try to keep brand new ones on hand to sell with babies but they are not always available.
Toys/extras will vary depending on what I have at the time but I always include food, treats, & vitamins.

Green Quakers


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